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Curiosity About ADHD

Sometimes I think ADHD — Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder — should be called the 1980s Disorder for that decade’s reputation of aggressive acquisitions and corporate mergers. People made fortunes on their software ideas, retired, and then started something new. Those traits, however, do not work well in a school environment because of the emphasis for group-think. I’ve begun reading “Square Peg,” by Todd Rose, in which he describes growing up in the 1980s. Rose compensated for his impulsiveness, low threshold for boredom, and curiosity by trouble-making at school. Only later did he learn how to channel the gifts of ADHD. His book was published this month; it’s also on my Goodreads shelf.

Meanwhile, there’s a free online course through called The course looks at ADHD and its impact. I’m thinking about signing up, but I also have a presentation to prepare for the SF Support for Families’ Resource fair Friday, and also review my Wrightslaw books from last week’s bootcamp in San Jose.

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